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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Foreign Interference, MEPs call for urgent protection of 2024 European elections

A coordinated strategy to increase the EU's resilience to foreign interference and manipulation of information, as well as protection of 2024 European elections.

MEP Maxette Pirbakas deciphers EU agricultural policy

French MEP Maxette Pirbakas, a member of the Committee on Regional Development and national president of the Rassemblement pour les français d'Outre-mer (RPFOM), was invited to take part in the monthly programme and discuss...

Prudent use of antibiotics and more research needed to fight antimicrobial resistance

Parliament adopted its recommendations on Thursday for a coordinated EU response to health threats posed by antimicrobial resistance.

Companies must mitigate their negative impact on human rights and the environment

Parliament adopted its position for negotiations with member states on rules to integrate into companies’ governance the impact on human rights and the environment

Tropical tuna targeted, Bloom complains of flagrant fraud by French vessels

Tuna // Press release by Bloom - On 31 May, BLOOM and  Blue Marine Foundation have lodged a complaint with the Public Prosecutor at the Paris judicial Court against all 21 vessels in the tropical tuna fishing...

MeToo – More has to be done to tackle sexual harassment in the EU

Evaluating what has been done to fight against sexual harassment by EU institutions and countries, MEPs call for better reporting procedures and support for victims.

MEPs endorse plan to provide more ammunition for Ukraine

On Thursday, Parliament backed a draft bill to increase European production of missiles and ammunition for Ukraine.

Expert: ECHR article not in line with international human rights standards

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe hearing with experts held last week looked into the discriminatory ideology at the root of why the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) limits the right...

President Zourabichvili – Georgia wants to reunite with its European family

Georgian President Zourabichvili addressed the European Parliament in Brussels, she called for her country’s ‘reunification with its European family’

Who Was Witold Pilecki? a WWII Hero with a meeting room at the EU Parliament

Witold Pilecki's story is one of courage and sacrifice, and a meeting room of the European Parliament has just been inaugurated with his name, 75 years after being executed by Stalin. President of the...

Pedro Sanchez, Spain’s PM dissolves Parliament and calls for national elections

According to EL MUNDO, the scale of the defeat and the loss of socialist territorial power have forced the president of the government to "assume the defeat in the first person". The president summons...

HRWF calls upon the UN, EU and OSCE for Turkey to stop deportation of 103 Ahmadis

Human Rights Without Frontiers (HRWF) calls upon the UN, the EU and the OSCE to ask Turkey to annul a deportation order for 103 Ahmadis Today, a Turkish court has released a deportation order concerning...

PACE issues final statement on deinstitutionalization of persons with disabilities

The Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) review on the deinstitutionalisation of persons with disabilities acknowledged in a written comment the Council’s decision-making body, the Committee of Ministers (CM)...

Pollution: MEPs support stricter rules to reduce industrial emissions

The Environment Committee adopted its position on EU rules to further reduce pollution and steer large agro-industrial installations in the green transition.

Eugenics influenced the formulation of the European Convention on Human Rights

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe this week dived in to deeply rooted discrimination and rights issues, discussing core values on which the Council had been founded in 1950. Ongoing research is...

Over 100 Ahmadis at Turkish-Bulgarian frontier face imprisonment, or death if deported

More than one hundred members of The Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light, a persecuted religious minority, who presented themselves at the Turkish-Bulgarian border on May 24 requesting asylum face deportation within the next...

European Cricket is on the rise, and it’s good news for us all

By every measure available, football is Europe’s favourite sporting pastime. This isn’t just due to the historical roots, with the sport taking hold in most regions in the 19th century. It was propelled by...

UKRAINE, 110 damaged religious sites inspected and documented by UNESCO

UKRAINE, 110 damaged religious sites inspected and documented by UNESCO - As of 17 May 2023, UNESCO has verified damage to 256 sites since 24 February 2022 – 110 religious sites, 22 museums, 92 buildings of...

New legislation on seizing criminal assets to speed up their freezing and confiscation

To speed up the freezing and confiscation of criminal assets and close loopholes, MPs on Tuesday adopted a draft position on new rules

European Green Deal: EU and Republic of Korea launch Green Partnership

EU and Republic of Korea launch Green Partnership to deepen cooperation on climate action, clean energy and environmental protection

The Role and Importance of the European Parliament in Today’s World

The European Parliament plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Europe and the world. As the only directly elected institution of the European Union

Elections 2024, President Metsola “Vote. Do not let someone else choose for you”

The Key Issues in the European Parliament Elections 2024 Elections 2024 - The European Parliament Elections 2024 are just around the corner, and it's important to be informed about the issues that will be at...

Urgent collective response needed to safeguard media freedom and protect democracy

The ninth South East Europe Media Conference, "At a Crossroads: Safeguarding Media Freedom to Protect Democracy,"

Human rights breaches in Algeria, Belarus and Myanmar

The European Parliament adopted three resolutions on human rights breaches in Algeria, Belarus and Myanmar.

European Charlemagne Youth Prize: meet the 2023 winners

A Belgian language app for refugees has won the 2023 European Charlemagne Youth Prize.
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