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ECR withdraws from resolution against Maduro because EPP gave themselves to Socialists.

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Juan Sanchez Gil
Juan Sanchez Gil
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Eurochamber deplores Maduro’s threats to expel EU Ambassador from Caracas

The European Parliament on Friday expressed its rejection of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s threats to expel the European Ambassador from Venezuela, a decision that was eventually rescinded, and called for the European sanctions list to be extended to the regime if the situation continues to worsen.

MEP Hermann Tertsch, on twitter said: “The resolution against Maduro remains a sad cry. The ECR group with Vox as negotiator withdrew from a resolution in which the PP have given themselves to the PSOE, already open and jealous protector of Maduro”.

In a resolution adopted by 487 votes in favour, 119 against and 79 abstentions, MEPs also rejected the violations of the “democratic, constitutional and transparent” functioning of the National Assembly and the acts of violence against its members, as well as the suspension of the parliamentary immunity of several of its members.

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