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EuropeForward look: 19 September - 4 October 2020

Forward look: 19 September – 4 October 2020

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Association Council meeting between the EU and Ukraine

Joint press release following the 8th Association Council meeting between the EU and Ukraine

On 5 September 2022, the European Union and Ukraine held the 8th meeting of the EU and Ukraine Association Council in Brussels.
EU budget for 2023: Council agrees its position

EU budget for 2023: Council agrees its position

Ambassadors of member states to the EU agreed the Council's position on the 2023 EU draft budget.

Overview of the main topics and events at the Council of EU and European Council.

The indicated format of each meeting (physical or virtual) are subject to change.

Foreign Affairs Council, 21 September 2020

Foreign affairs ministers will be informed about current affairs, and exchange views on Libya, Belarus, and relations between the EU and the African Union.

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 21-22 September 2020

Ministers will advance discussions on the green architecture of the common agriculture policy (CAP) reform package, including the regulation on CAP strategic plans. They will also discuss trade related agricultural issues, based on a presentation by the European Commission.

General Affairs Council, 22 September 2020

The Council will prepare for the special European Council. Ministers will also focus on the next MFF, EU-UK relations, COVID-19 measures, and Article 7 procedures regarding Poland and Hungary.

Special European Council, 24-25 September 2020

EU leaders will meet in Brussels to discuss issues related to the single market, industrial policy and digital transformation, as well as external relations, in particular relations with Turkey and with China.

Video conference of transport ministers, 28 September 2020

Transport ministers will discuss benchmarks for a pandemic contingency plan for the European freight transport sector.

Competitiveness Council (Research and innovation), 29 September 2020

The Council will be invited to reach a general approach on the remaining outstanding issues of both the draft Horizon Europe regulation, the framework programme for research and innovation for 2021-2027, and the decision implementing Horizon Europe.

    For video coverage of Council sessions and audiovisual material, please see the following Council websites:
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