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Old Believers denounce illegal detention of peaceful family in Belarus

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Juan Sanchez Gil
Juan Sanchez Gil
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As reported by the World Union of Old believers, The Old Believers living in the historical region of their historically traditional regional residence in the Republic of Belarus became victims of the violence unfolding in this country before the whole world. On September 27-29, the Old Believers stated, the spouses German and Natalya Snezhkov were detained in the city of Gomel, after which the Belarusian authorities removed their young children – Aglaya and Matvey – to an orphanage.

Their supposed ‘crime’ was “simply to support the protests against falsification of the last presidential elections in Belarus”. The Snezhkovs did nothing illegal and did not violate the law in any way. Acting upon their rights, guaranteed by both international and national Belarusian laws, they peacefully, without weapons and even without slogans, took to the streets of their hometown together with other residents of Gomel demanding fair elections – according to the law. A few hours after this action, policemen came to the Old Believers’ home and carried out a search, after which the head of the family was taken away and then, a couple of days later, his wife was arrested and the children were taken away. The World Union of the Old Believers regards these actions as “an act of intimidation and an attempt to suppress the human freedoms given by God to openly express their moral views on the ongoing processes in society”.

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The Old Believer tradition fosters in a person such qualities as utmost honesty, pedantic execution of the law, conscientiousness and responsibility in work, in social and family life. “It is not surprising that the carriers of these high moral qualities cause fear among ill-wishers” said the spokesperson of The World Union of Old Believers.

When speaking on behalf of the many millions of Old Believers throughout the world, their representative demands that “the Belarusian authorities immediately release the captured Snezhkov family. We intend to follow their fate, provide them with all possible legal and material assistance, turning, inter alia, to international institutions that ensure the protection of human rights. May the Lord give peace and prosperity to the long-suffering land of Belarus!” said the representative of the World Union of Old Believers.

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