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NewsMinister of religion, Ndlovu drops second album

Minister of religion, Ndlovu drops second album

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The Chronicle

Joel Tsvakwi, Showbiz Correspondent

BULAWAYO-based minister of religion, gospel artist and leader of the Dumoluhle gospel ensemble, Reverend Dumoluhle Ndlovu of Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ) is impressed by the reception his recently launched album is getting.

Titled Makwenziwe Indumiso, the 11-track album which features prominent gospel artist, Bethany Pasinawako on a track titled Ngiyabonga Baba has tracks, Ligcwalise Izwi lakho, Bika Konke KuJesu, Wazithwala Izono uJesu, Wenjenje uYehovah, Ungithwale, Ngikhangele Ngobubele, Shoko Renyu, Nkosi yami ubundithanda, Uphakeme and UThixo Unathi (bonus track).

“The album was launched on Facebook last Saturday and we’re looking forward to releasing it on WhatsApp anytime soon. To expand the album’s reach, we’ve submitted it to radio stations like Skyz Metro FM, Khulumani FM, National FM and Radio Zim, Radio 54 (UK) for consideration for airplay.

“Before the album launch, I did a pre-album release with Khulumani FM and I’m grateful for the support I was given by the station as it made the actual launch a success,” Ndlovu said.

Having dropped his debut album titled Makwenziwe Indumiso in 2019, Ndlovu has not turned back since.

“I’m appealing to fans in the country and those across borders to continue supporting me, even financially, on this new album,” he said.

On how he manages his calling and the demands of his musical career, Ndlovu said it’s all about time management.

“I’m a full time minister at Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and as for balancing the two, gospel music is part of ministering to people so I can safely say it’s a tool that’s used in Ministry. So it’s not that difficult to balance,” he said.

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