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EuropeEuropean Union Countries Comparison: Germany Will Soon Become the European Vaccination Champion...

European Union Countries Comparison: Germany Will Soon Become the European Vaccination Champion – Domestic Politics

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According to vaccination statistics for the population, Germany finally ranks first in the European Union comparison!

With at least a million vaccinations in one day, we are ahead of Italy, Spain and France, but we are still behind Finland (a weekly comparison, “Our world in data“).

EU health politician Peter Liese (55, CDU) believes: “Germany is on its way to becoming the world vaccination champion.”

The survey conducted by Our World in Data also showed that 0.8 percent of the population in Germany was vaccinated on May 10 alone. In the fast-paced UK and US, this value was only 0.65.

The reason: While the USA and UK were noticeably faster in the first few months of the vaccination campaign, the vaccination rate is now dropping significantly there. On the other hand, the vaccination rate in Germany is increasing. “The numbers show that the efforts of the past few weeks have paid off, and the good news is that the number of doses available in Germany will continue to increase over the next few weeks,” said CDU MEP Liese.

Means: The vaccination rate in Germany could continue to increase rapidly!

According to projections for delivery, several doses will be available by the end of June so that, theoretically, 56.75 million can be fully inoculated. Lizzie said the number of those who could be vaccinated for the first time could be significantly higher.

In Liese’s opinion, skeptics should be persuaded to be vaccinated over the next few weeks. “The vaccines are safe and work very well. The likelihood of continuing to hospital after severe vaccination is less than 1 in 600,000.”

Peter Liese, a member of the European Parliament at CDU, thinks Germany can vaccinate to the topFoto: picture alliance / dpa

“Therefore, there is no reason not to benefit from the vaccination once it is your turn,” Lisei stressed.

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