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A special anti-hiccup straw has been invented

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Scientists have invented a special straw against hiccups

From holding your breath to being startled by someone next to you, there are countless different presumptive anti-hiccup medications. Scientists say they have a better solution, a special drinking straw.

When you relax, the diaphragm and the muscles around the ribs suddenly tighten. The rapid intake of air and the contraction of the diaphragm lead to the closure of the vocal cords in the larynx, which is due to the specific sound that is heard when hiccuping.

There are as many folk remedies as you want against this: holding your breath, drinking water in small sips, sudden fear …

However, scientists have come up with something a little more practical. Patented under the name “HiccAway”, the plastic tool is in the shape of the letter D. The special straw at the end, which enters the cup, has a valve that provides little resistance to suction.

The idea is that the increased effort required to suck fluid through the straw activates the diaphragmatic nerve and the contraction of the diaphragm, and subsequent swallowing activates the pneumogastric nerve.

Because both nerves are responsible for hiccups, scientists have devised a way to use them to prevent side effects.

“Act now,” said Dr. Ali Seifi, an associate professor at the University of Texas.

To test the device, a study was conducted in which 249 volunteers participated for several months.

The results published in the Jama Network Open show that the device stops hiccups in 92% of cases. Nine out of ten respondents say they like the new “straw” more than other ways to stop hiccups.

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