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Not Photoshop: The story of the world-famous Heart Island


Hundreds of marriage proposals have been made in the sky over the island

You can’t help but come across pictures of this amazing coral reef, which nature has shaped like a heart. It is located off the coast of Australia and is one of the best advertisements on the Great Barrier Reef.

Although considered by many to be an island, it is a coral reef.

It is so perfectly shaped that many tourists are misled that the photos of it are the work of a talented master of “Photoshop”. No less astonished are the visitors, who are amazed to find that their photos of the reef look exactly like those seen on the Internet.

And the reef is really everywhere – on cards, brochures, on the Internet. How could a person not want to see it with his own eyes!

The Heart Reef is part of the Hardy Reef, which is part of the Great Barrier Reef to Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

As the place is a protected area, it is not allowed to be approached by boats and other vessels. Swimming and diving near the Heart are also forbidden. The only way to see it is to board a plane or helicopter during an organized tour.

Adding to the experience can be a stay on one of the neighboring islands, which have specially built luxury resorts for romantic holidays.

The Heart Reef was accidentally discovered by one of the Air Whitsunday pilots and quickly became a favorite attraction of tourists.

Over the years, hundreds of marriage proposals and other romantic moments have occurred in the air above the reef. Tour organizers in the area recommend that anyone planning such an event specify this with the pilot of the aircraft he will be traveling with so that he can hit the right moment and allow more time to circle over the iconic location.

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