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The US named areas for possible cooperation with Russia

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Washington declared its readiness to cooperate with Russia in a number of areas, only if it meets the interests of both countries. In particular, joint work can be started in the field of strategic stability, humanitarian access in Syria, as well as in the Arctic. This was stated by the Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan.

While willing to cooperate, Washington should reserve the right to “send a clear signal” to Moscow about actions by the Russian authorities that could “harm” America, Sullivan said. His words are quoted by the press service of the White House. “Let’s see what comes out of us. There are issues of strategic stability, Syria and humanitarian access. There are issues related to the Arctic. There are other areas where it will be in our interests to find a basis for working with Russia,” the politician said.

In Geneva on June 16, a meeting of the presidents of Russia and the United States will take place. According to the Kremlin, the parties will discuss the state and prospects for the further development of bilateral relations, issues of strategic stability, the fight against the pandemic and the settlement of local conflicts. According to the White House, Biden plans to discuss human rights with Putin.

Earlier, Profile reported that the United States predicted a “victory” for the Russian leader in negotiations with his American counterpart. According to American journalist Jed Babbin, the head of the United States will try to bypass the hot topics of the agenda, drawing attention to the need to maintain stability in bilateral relations.

United States President Joe Biden answered a journalist’s question about why the Russian leader does not change his position despite many sanctions and constant pressure from Washington. At a press conference in Britain, the American leader said: “(Because – Profile) he is Vladimir Putin.”

After such an answer, Biden nevertheless noted that he was not ready to talk about this in more detail, first he needed to sit down at the negotiating table with his Russian counterpart. During the conversation, he ranked Putin among the “autocrats” who “have tremendous power, and they do not need to answer to society,” according to the White House press service.

Therefore, according to the head of the United States, it is impossible to give guarantees that the behavior of such a politician and his country can be changed. He once again stressed that Washington is ready to resolve the issue of Russia’s behavior, which, in the opinion of the Americans, does not comply with international law.

The summit of Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden in Geneva will take place on June 16. According to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, it will be held at the Villa La Grange.

Earlier it was reported that Biden plans to point out to Putin about his “harmful behavior”. The United States aims to demonstrate that the American leader will give a “tough signal” to his Russian counterpart at their upcoming meeting. It is not specified whether the “one-on-one meeting” will take place without assistants and advisers.

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