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Monthly Archives: July, 2021

Migrants from Africa, Asia and South America boost evangelism in Europe

A new report from European Christian Mission finds that migrant Christians from South America, Asia and Africa are boosting evangelism in Europe.

New idea to combat climate change: Planting trees across Europe will increase rainfall

Planting additional trees to combat climate change across Europe could also increase rainfall, research shows. A new study has found that converting agricultural land into forest will increase average summer rains by 7.6%.

Four companies recruited mercenaries to assassinate Haitian president: details

• Haitian President Jovenel Moise was shot dead on the night of 7 July. At about one in the morning, a group of unknown persons attacked his residence and shot the president. In addition, the country's first lady received a gunshot wound.

Adidas presented the world’s first shoes made of mushroom‘ leather

Adidas are quite active in experimenting with new technologies. The company has now officially introduced Stan Smith Mylo. These are the first sports shoes to use Mylo - a material derived from mushrooms, which resembles natural leather. Its soft and elastic structure is a suitable solution for creating sneakers that are also more environmentally friendly.

How to turn the toilet into a cache

With the use of a toilet, you can pay for your coffee or buy bananas at a university in South Korea, where human waste is used to power a building.

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