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NewsThe heat attacks our psyche, makes us aggressive

The heat attacks our psyche, makes us aggressive

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The heat provokes aggression and negatively affects our psyche. They also create sleep problems and irritability. It is reported that there is at least one patient every day who has a problem due to high temperatures.

The other factor that excites the psyche is light. The sky is crystal clear, the sun shines very brightly from 6.30 to 21 hours. Not so much heat as light activates the psyche and affects us “madly”, experts say.

When a person’s head overheats, he feels a palpitation, sharp fluctuations in blood pressure begin. For this reason, the cardiology departments in the city are currently overcrowded. On the other hand, intense sun exposure has a bad effect on sleep, making people very impulsive and aggressive. And when a person has not slept and is irritated, he is prone to any reckless actions.

If a person becomes ill after prolonged exposure to high temperatures and gets a tension or a state similar to a panic crisis, he should cool his head as soon as possible – air conditioned or with water, around water pools. It is recommended that during the peak hours of sunshine, people should stand in the shade and go out and wear a hat and glasses.

Sometimes it takes 2-3 minutes of light activation, or so-called. photostimulation, and the psyche can “explode”.

According to experts, in the strongest sun it is very risky to drive. Congestion predisposes drivers to nervousness and irritation, which in turn leads to road accidents. Therefore, it is recommended not to go on a road with a car without air conditioning in warm weather.

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