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EconomyThe real estate pyramid raised nearly $ 70 million

The real estate pyramid raised nearly $ 70 million

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A real estate company called “Gercek Evim” (“My Real Home”), which the Turkish Banking and Supervision Agency has decided to liquidate, is a “financial pyramid” that has raised TL 600 million ($ 69.2 million). ).

The company, which runs SAS Holding, reportedly promised a 10% dividend to its 13,000 customers, amassing nearly $ 70 million, but the deal turned out to be a complete fraud, Hurriyet Newspaper reported.

The company initially offered a 10% dividend to its customers, who trusted the company after seeing a return on their investment and deciding to invest more money.

Many people have been deceived and invested large sums in the scheme in the hope of financial prosperity.

As in many other pyramid schemes, the first round of the company became millionaires, and the rest are still waiting for their money.

Recently, the company re-entered the media spotlight due to a rather horrific event. One of the directors of SAS Holding, which owns Gercek Evim, was killed last month in his car. Sibel Kochan was shot dead by robbers who stole part of the 10 million pounds hidden in her car, leaving a third of the amount.

It was also learned that the robbers were among the people who had invested in the company and that they had followed Kochan’s every step. Eight people were arrested after the murder.

After hearing about Kochan’s murder, her ex-husband Suleiman Aydin also took his own life by jumping from the 32nd floor of a building where she lived in Istanbul’s Ataşehir district of Asia.

Photo: Office of “Gerchek Evim” (Hurriyet newspaper)

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