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Xiaomi Mobile Phone Assistant to acquire all the sports data from TheSports

Xiaomi Mobile Phone Assistant to acquire all the sports data from TheSports

Big names that has imported sports data from TheSports

With Xiao AI and TheSports, you can experience any sport game just like a live audience.

LONDON, UNITED KINDOM, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — iaomi and TheSports partnership is incredible news for all the Xiaomi users who are keen sports viewers. This partnership translates into an uninterrupted and up-to-date flow of sports data. 

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The best sports feed for developers

Founded in 2010, Xiaomi is a multinational Chinese tech giant that makes and invests in smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, home appliances, bags, shoes, consumer electronics, and many other products. A decade of commitment and dedication has made Xiaomi one of the best companies working internationally, and not long ago, it was declared the world’s second-largest smartphone maker after it surpassed Apple. 

With billions of users worldwide, Xiaomi aims to bring whatever they need with just one click. Therefore, undoubtedly, when it comes to sports data, TheSports is the best pick for them.


TheSports is the world’s leading sports data provider, which has pledged to provide sports’ lovers all across the world with the most accurate and up-to-date sports data. With extensive coverage of all types of sports data, including fixtures, live scores, standings, transfer players and many more, TheSports has rapidly grown to be the top sports data service provider.

TheSports API

Central to the partnership between TheSports and Huawei is Xiao AI. Committed to innovation, Xiaomi has invented another groundbreaking invention – Xiao AI. It is an artificial intelligence-based voice interaction engine and its virtual AI that is compatible with its various smart IoT products.

Xiaomi claims that its voice assistant has become an ‘AI Phone Assistant’, which is true to a great extent. Xiao AI checks the weather, controls smart appliances, does the math, and even performs translations for you.

Now, with the help of TheSports, Xiao AI can also help you stay updated on your favourite sports as well. It works just like your personal assistant. Responding to your call, it can fill you in with any sports information you may require by extracting all the data from TheSports.

With Xiao AI and TheSports, you can experience any game just like a live audience. For instance, you are busy with office work, but you cannot keep yourself from thinking about a football match that is going on; your virtual assistant, Xiao AI informs you as soon as a goal is scored, and Xiao AI acquires all this information from TheSports.

This incredible duo of Xiao AI and TheSports is every sports lover dream come true. So committed to their true mission, Xiaomi and TheSports together continue to provide the most reliable and most stable sports data of thousands of events worldwide 24/7.

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