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Conference on the Future of Europe: how to follow the European Citizens’ Panels


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Media are invited to the sessions of the European Citizens’ Panels, with the first 200-citizen meeting taking place on 17 – 19 September in European Parliament in Strasbourg.

The European Citizens’ Panels are a central feature of the Conference organised by the European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission based on their Joint Declaration. The first sessions of all four Panels will take place on Parliament’s premises in Strasbourg and begin working on draft recommendations within each Panel’s remit.

This first European Citizens’ Panel will focus on a stronger economy, social justice, jobs/education, youth, culture, and sport/digital transformation, based on citizens’ contributions collected from across Europe on the Multilingual Digital Platform, as well as support and presentations from prominent academics. Find out more about the Panels in our previous alert, download an infographic on the Conference’s timeline and the Commission’s Factsheet, or read about their practical modalities and download the provisional calendar of the Conference.

Press conference

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday 14 September 2021 (16.00 CEST), the Head of Parliament’s Delegation to the Conference Guy Verhofstadt will answer journalists’ questions in Parliament’s Daphne Caruana Galizia press conference room in Strasbourg. The press conference will be webstreamed on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre, and questions may also be submitted remotely via interactio: https://broadcaster.interactio.eu/join/66e2-hy1p-1w4u.

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