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A Brazilian with 5 doses of 3 different vaccines against COVID-19 is under investigation


A resident of Rio de Janeiro has been vaccinated five times against the coronavirus and will now have to explain to the authorities how he managed to get five doses of different vaccines against Covid-19 within 10 weeks, AFP reported.

An investigation has been launched into the case. Between 12 May and 21 July, the man received two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, two doses of the CoronaVac vaccine and one dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. He received the doses at three vaccination centers in Rio. The man was even injected with two doses of the vaccine within 13 days. The case sparked interest from health authorities when the man tried to receive a sixth vaccination dose on August 16th.

The investigation showed that the “vaccination maniac” managed to take advantage of problems with computer systems in the three vaccination centers he visited. Because the systems did not work, it did not appear in the database that he had already been vaccinated.

To receive coronavirus vaccines, Brazilians must be in a certain age group. Each age group is vaccinated according to a specific schedule. People must show an identity document and a document about the first dose received before receiving the second dose. In addition, vaccination centers do not offer a choice between different vaccines.

In Rio, the vaccination campaign has even been suspended several times due to a shortage of vaccines. But hundreds of cases of fraud have been reported for people who have gone to vaccination centers in other Brazilian states to get the vaccine they want or even a third vaccination dose.

In Brazil, the victims of the coronavirus are over 570,000, reminds AFP. According to this indicator, the country is most severely affected in the world after the United States.


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