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A shortage of cans caught up with Coca-Cola


Cosa-Cola’s former companies in the United Kingdom and continental Europe are turning to the last harvest of the country in the ancient world, Guh writes. The giant is now facing a shortage of aluminum cans, confirmed by the company.

Consumers have been paying for the last weeks in the social networks since the July diet of Diet Coke and Coke Zero in the shops.

The price of aluminum has reached a 10-year high.

Experts say that there is enough aluminum, but a large part of it is found in Asia, and the people from the USA and Europe do not manage to get the metal.

Nic Gianjani, chief financial officer of Соса-Соlа Еurорасіfіс Раrtnеrѕ (ССЕР), said the company was facing shortages of type drivers. The driver’s license was taken from Covid-19 and Вrехіt.

The comments from ССЕР come at the time of the presentation of the report of the company for the sixth month until July 2. It doubles its profit before taxes to € 520 million.


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