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Bidding for two bracelets of Marie Antoinette


The Christie’s auction house estimates that they could reach 3.7 million euros

A new challenge for connoisseurs of jewelry with opportunities – two diamond bracelets by Maria-Antoinette are sold at auction, organized by the auction house “Christie’s”, BTA reported.

The bidding is organized for November 9 in Geneva.

The preliminary estimate of the products is from 1.8 million to 3.7 million Euros.

“This price is determined not only by the value of the diamonds, but also by the ability to wear jewelry ordered personally by Queen Marie Antoinette,” said Marie-Cecil Sizamolo of Christie’s.

Each of the bracelets is inlaid with three rows of diamonds. The two can be combined in one necklace. The gems are between one and four carats. According to the auction house, the total diamonds of the two pieces of jewelry are between 140 and 150 carats. The bracelets will be sold in one lot. Of course, Christie’s expects the price of the jewelry to be exceeded many times over.

In 2018, a diamond pendant for a necklace by Marie Antoinette was put up for auction for 1.8 million euros, but reached 31.8 million euros.

The wife of King Louis XVI of France ordered the bracelets from the jeweler Charles Auguste Bomer in 1776 in Paris. Their price is 250 thousand pounds, which at that time was an extremely high amount.


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