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Curiosity: in Israel, archaeologists have found a 2,700 years old weight to deceive buyers

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The find was discovered in the oldest area of ​​Jerusalem.

In the City of David, the oldest area of ​​Jerusalem, which lies outside its modern territory, archaeologists have found a device to deceive buyers. The number II is engraved on the cargo. That is, its declared weight in the Hebrew system of measures is two hera. This is 0.944 grams. But in fact, the weight is almost four times heavier – 3.61 grams. The weight is made of solid limestone. It is 14 mm in diameter and 12 mm in height. By placing heavier or lighter weights on the scales, merchants sold less goods for more money. Scholars at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem say this type of fraud was quite common and has been extensively described and criticized in the Bible. However, the found weight is only the second such find in Israel. Excavations on the territory of the City of David have been going on since the 19th century. During this time, many important discoveries have been made. One of them happened this summer, when archaeologists found the alleged walls of the city and buildings from the time of King Solomon, the heir of David. Among them was a rectangular structure 15 m long and 10 m wide, carved into the rock next to the stream.

Scientists decided that the stone basin was used to store drinking water in case of a siege of the city. Subsequently, a large residential building was built on top of it. Excavating its foundation, scientists have found many bones and teeth of fish and other representatives of the marine and river fauna. Geochemists have found that the age of the fish remains is about 80 million years, which makes the teeth the same age as the dinosaurs of the late Cretaceous period. At the same time, the analysis showed that the fossils were found not in the vicinity of Jerusalem, but 80-90 km south of the city, on the territory of the Negev desert, where the rocks of the end of the Mesozoic era lie.

In addition, archaeologists have discovered many seals and other valuable artifacts about 2.9-3 thousand years old next to the teeth. This indicates that the entire collection was part of the same treasure from the time of King Solomon, which accidentally or deliberately ended up in the foundation of the building along with fish bones and other debris.

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