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Dogs sniff people with COVID-19 at an airport in Romania


Romanian Interior Minister Lucian Bode announced that for the first time at an airport in Romania, people with COVID-19 will be detected by specially trained police dogs, the Agence AGERPRES reported.

The minister announced at a press conference that the pilot project will be implemented at Sibiu International Airport by August 1.

“This is something very, very good that our colleagues from the Kennel Center here in Sibiu have done. (…) We should adopt a decision of the National Emergency Committee to formulate the fact that this pilot project will be implemented at Sibiu International Airport for a certain period of time, “the minister told a news conference late last week.

If a specially trained police dog finds a person suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus, the person in question will be invited to take a quick test. If the test is positive, the passenger will have to comply with the rules of the international airport for such situations, explained Minister Bode. In the event of a negative test, the passenger will continue undisturbed. The minister clarified that a person identified by the specially trained dog as possibly infected with coronavirus could not refuse a quick test at the airport.

If the police dog mission in Sibiu proves successful, the Romanian Interior Ministry plans to expand it to other airports in the country. AGERPRES notes that specially trained dogs to detect the new coronavirus are found in other countries around the world.


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