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Friday, March 24, 2023

Georgievski: How could no one says that Macedonia has been under Serbian occupation for 23 years

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If this is how labels will be pasted – the Bulgarian people were much more communist than fascist, the former Macedonian prime minister believes.

How could one not write that before the “Bulgarian fascist occupation” there was 23 years of Serbian occupation in Yugoslavia – the prison of the peoples. In which we were “Vardar Banovina”, we were “South Serbs”, said the former Macedonian Prime Minister Lyubcho Georgievski.

Provoked by discussions over the controversial term “Bulgarian fascist occupier” in both Skopje and Sofia, Georgievski recorded an hour-and-a-half lecture on “Macedonia in World War II”.

If this is how ethnic labels will be affixed with ideological labels, without a doubt the label of the Bulgarian people can be much more attached to the fact that they are communist-minded than fascist. We forget that between the two world wars the BCP was one of the most radical and active communist parties. In 1923, the Bulgarian Communist Party organized a communist uprising. In 1925, the largest communist assassination attempt was carried out in Bulgaria – in the church “Sveta Nedelya”. And let’s not forget that among the main leaders of the Comintern over 20 years are two Bulgarian communists – Vasil Kolarov and Georgi Dimitrov, said Lyubcho Georgievski.

At the same time, he emphasized that nowadays there is hardly a country in the world that can be labeled a fascist: “Everywhere the ethnic component of fascism is left aside. For example, in France – when it comes to German aggression, speaks of Hitler’s fascists, the word Germans is not used. “

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