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Greece destroys Bulgarian network for fake COVID-certificates


Greek police have launched a large-scale investigation, part of which is a case of vaccination certificates issued by Bulgaria, the BNR correspondent reported. It is assumed that there are fakes among them.

Yesterday, the parliament in Athens adopted a change in the law, as for the issuance of a false certificate the fine is 5 thousand euros and criminal liability.

From a single case of issued fake certificates in the town of Kozani, the police investigation has already covered the entire country. The health documents of medical staff in state hospitals in Thessaloniki, Kavala, Santorini, Drama and several other districts are in doubt.

In order to stay at work, some of them have submitted vaccination certificates from Bulgaria.

A journalistic investigation by Open TV reported that some of the medics under investigation were at work on the dates for setting the doses in Bulgaria. Others presented a document for the presence of antibodies after coronavirus disease, without going to the hospital at that time.

In the city of Thebes, negative tests for coronavirus were issued without the individuals being tested in the hospital’s laboratory. Elsewhere, more people have been immunized than the vaccine available for the day.

Doctors admitted to the authorities that they were being offered 200 euros each for issuing false laboratory results


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