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New York City Flooding Caused by Hurricane Ida


Streets, metro, airport … downpours have invaded many of the megalopolis’s infrastructures.

Torrential rains hit New York overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, September 2, a result of Hurricane Ida, which, after hitting the southern United States, caused historic tornadoes and flooding in the northeast. is of the country. Streets, metro, airport, basements and ground floors of homes, and even a US Open tennis court, although well covered, found themselves in a few minutes under water.


Flooded cellars, partly devastated businesses and a dramatic toll of at least 17 dead across the region: New Yorkers are in shock Thursday after the devastation of a night of torrential rains that surprised and paralyzed the megalopolis American after the passage of the post-tropical cyclone Ida.

Bill de Blasio, the city’s mayor, referred to a “historic meteorological event”, also declaring “a state of emergency”.

According to the National Weather Service, this state of emergency due to floods is a first in the history of the megalopolis, already hit in October 2012 by Hurricane Sandy.

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