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Scientists have found 99 million year old spiders in amber


We are talking about the extinct family of spiders Lagonomegopidae

Adult female spiders and baby spiders have been found trapped in Burmese amber, about 99 million years old.

The spider family Lagonomegopidae is now extinct, but spiders have a long history and first appeared in the Carboniferous period between 359 and 299 million years ago.

The researchers used computed tomography to detect tiny eyes and other features that revealed the identity of the spider, as well as tiny spiders in three-dimensional detail.

Lagonomegopidae spiders can be distinguished because they had a pair of large eyes located at the front corners of their heads. Other known fossils of these spiders showed that they had reflective tapetum in their eyes, like other nocturnal creatures, like cat’s eyes in the dark.


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