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The purring of cats heals!


Anyone who has kept a cat in their home likes to emphasize how it is useful for family members and literally heals. But there is already scientific confirmation.

Ksenia Ryabkova from the Institute of Natural Sciences in Volgograd proves experimentally that the purring of cats has a therapeutic effect. She analyzed 20 students how they react to purring in a special diagnostic complex and it turned out that it manages to stabilize the heart rhythm. . According to her, cats are able to treat various diseases because of the frequency formed by purring. It varies from 20 to 150 Hz, as vibrations in the range of 20-35 Hz resemble the displacement of joints, 25-50 restores bone tissue and even help with broken bones.

What your cat feels: Sleeping positions can tell you about your pet’s emotional state

The sleeping position of a cat can tell a lot about its emotional state. When your pet sleeps, it doesn’t just rest. Through the pose, the animal conveys its mood: a feeling of fear, security, depression, or, conversely, relaxation.

As a rule, cats prefer to sleep curled up in a ball, covering their bodies with their tail and legs. This position helps them keep warm and be ready in case of sudden danger. It is also worth noting that the sleeping position may simply be a personal preference for the animal, or reflect a little of its character.

Poses of cats during sleep and their meaning:

• sleeping with your belly up. This position shows that the cat is very calm and happy with her environment. It does not protect the abdomen, which is an extremely vulnerable spot. It is also difficult to get up quickly in this position if you need to suddenly defend yourself;

• sleeping on your side. This position speaks of relaxation and comfort. Most likely, the pet feels safe and shows trust in others;

• curled up on the edge of the bed. Probably, at such moments, the animal feels insecure. Or it may indicate the shy nature of the pet;

• sleep under something. When an animal falls asleep, for example, under a blanket or sofa, this indicates a desire to be alone, to enjoy peace and quiet. Often such pets are introverts, they need personal space, writes the Dreams portal;

• with half-open eyes. These cats can have trust issues. They rest, but can quickly wake up at any moment and be ready for action;

• Sphinx pose. When the animal lies on its stomach with its front legs under the body. In this position, the cat feels comfortable, relaxes and calms down;

• with outstretched paws. Probably, in this position, the animal feels strong and courageous. Perhaps it even tries to show who is the boss;

• with one outstretched paw. This position can signal a tense or aggressive mood of the cat;

• on the stomach and in any strange positions. Such positions during sleep indicate that the cat is confident, loves attention and feels comfortable in the house and among its inhabitants.

Cats are often lonely, sad or bored. Many caring owners want to know everything about the mood and condition of the pet. There are six ways to tell if a cat is happy.


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