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Monthly Archives: October, 2021

The European Convention on Human Rights designed to authorize Eugenics caused legislation

Human rights according to the United Nations, are rights we have simply because we exist as human beings – they are not granted by...

G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration

G20 Rome Leaders’ Declaration

The Old World and the selection of those who does not have the rights to liberty and security of person

The European Convention on Human Rights was drafted by groups and experts within the forming Council of Europe in 1949-1950, based on an earlier...

The common task is to stop the de-Bulgarianization in RNM

This is a landmark meeting. For the first time at such a high institutional level Bulgaria accepts representatives of the Macedonian Bulgarians. With these words,...

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg was caught in severe academic plagiarism

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg admitted that there were serious shortcomings in his dissertation before a French university, after a local publication found that...

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