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5 fashion icons whose style inspired the fall / winter 2021/2022 trends


While there have been no clear hints of an era on the runways this season, there are many brands whose collections nod to the wardrobe of fashion icons such as Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn or Twiggy. From a silk scarf to mini-skirts, classic sets of a jacket and trousers or alpine sweaters, from Brigitte Bardot’s sexuality to Audrey’s chic – vogue.ua has collected the most striking references for the fall-winter 2021-2022 season.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy has many things to boast about, but her achievements in the fashion world are special. After all, not everyone has an iconic bag named after them. However, this season the former first lady of America left us much more than just accessories: from sets with a miniskirt to fitted coats: Jackie has proved to be not only an inexhaustible source of inspiration, but also a legend that lives regardless of the aesthetic requirements of generations.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn’s style has remained unchanged over time as an undeniable benchmark. From raincoats to capri pants, maxi glasses and jumper with a stand-up collar, the actress managed to charm anyone on the very first day with her appearance and innate grace. However, this season, to the basic things, another series of accessories and brighter style gestures has also been added – silk scarves, which could be seen at Max Mara or Versace. Audrey’s style is as hot as ever this fall.


Twiggy also has a tribute this year. Adding less obvious elements to her signature miniskirts, such as alpine sweaters or floral outfits, and long fur coats, Prada has offered an eco version this year.

Brigitte Bardot

And why not plunge into the sensuality of a legend like Brigitte Bardot? We may traditionally associate her aesthetics with summer, but this fall, the catwalks seem determined to show that even in the coldest months, the actress can be a great source of inspiration: airy dresses, sophisticated tunics for special moments or mini dresses are just a few. references to the Bardo style.

Jane Birkin

The style of actress and singer Jane Birkin is associated with summer on the French coast, but even when it’s cold outside, she knows how to continue to use her most sensual side. Maxi coats and nautical pieces set the tone for her winter outfits, which can be easily paired with knitted mini shorts, mini dresses or bodysuits. The formula, used this season by firms such as Chanel or Victoria Beckham, promises to create a one-piece wardrobe for this year and next.

Photo: Jackie Kennedy, 1962 / Alessandra Rich

Based on materials from Nuala Phillips, vogue.es.


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