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A more than 800-year-old armor found in an old garden shed

Archaeologists have discovered a rare armor in the county of Longford, Ireland, the radio and television company RTE was quoted as saying.

Surprisingly well-preserved artifact is more than 800 years old. It is currently housed in a local Heritage Center and will then be on display at the National Museum of Ireland.

Archaeologists believe the find dates back to 1172, when Norman invaders invaded the region.

The armor represents the upper part of the armor and thanks to a special manufacturing technology it is lighter and more flexible than the heavy and hard plate armor.

The rare armor was found in an old garden shed. Its owner does not even suspect that he has something so valuable. It was only after attending a re-enactment of a historic event as part of National Heritage Week that he realized that the replicas of the armor worn by the actors were similar to the armor in his barn.

The man contacted experts who confirmed that this was indeed an ancient Norman armor from the first days of catastrophic events in the history of Ireland, which completely changed the fate of the Emerald Isle.


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