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Actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko on how the world’s first orbit feature film is being shot

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Nobel Week is being watched around the world, as is the Challenge research and education project, which is being implemented jointly by Channel One and Roscosmos in the Year of Science and Technology. What will be the world’s first film shot in orbit? How is work on it at an altitude of 400 kilometers from Earth – living on habitable artificial satellite in low Earth orbit? And how well did non-professional astronauts, prepared to fly in a short time, adapt to the conditions of weightlessness? Some secrets were revealed today by the main participants – actress Julia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko.

There is a legend that the Ostankino TV tower is actually a space rocket. There was no chance to check yet, but today both the tower and the TV center have become much closer to orbit thanks to a session with the ISS and the world’s first film crew.

Details that are unusual for the International Space Station are immediately obvious – a movie camera will hit the frame, then a clapper with the title of the film “Challenge” Actress Julia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko are here for filming, but how did they meet their personal challenge of space flight?

– D. Rogozin: We are glad to see and hear you. How you feel is the main question. How are you feeling? I am most interested in this.

– K. Shipenko: You know, Dmitry Olegovich, in my opinion, excellent. So far so good. We are getting used to it, we have already started shooting. Feeling good, yes, Julia?

– J. Peresild: We feel good.

– K. Ernst: Tell us about the first day, Julia.

– D. Rogozin: And where did you sleep? Have you already chosen places where you will spend your stay in orbit?

– J. Peresild: I was given a commander’s cabin. I have a luxury party. I make up here. My make-up, our cinematic make-up, is pasted all over my cabin. Medical layings are laid out on the floor. I even have a porthole in the cabin.

And in the porthole, as in the song, the Earth. But there is no time to be sad for her. The movie will not shoot itself. About him and another earthly question.

– K. Ernst: Tell us what you managed to shoot yesterday. As far as I know, until they are fully included in the filming schedule.

– K. Shipenko: We shot several scenes, two specifically, and, in fact, were preparing for today. We are practically in the schedule in which we planned to be, so today everything is going according to plan.

And how does the crew commander assess the implementation of the plan, and first of all from the professional and space point of view?

– D. Rogozin: Your feelings? Do they have time to do their job? Cope with the difficulties they face in orbit?

– A. Shkaplerov: I can say that the condition of their body turned out to be better than everyone expected, even doctors, that is, it speaks of the professional selection made by the CPC, WFP. There was, of course, a little discomfort the first day, the second is almost not felt. On the second day, filming had already begun, although the first shots were taken in the ship, after the withdrawal, as we had agreed. The only thing – before docking had to stop filming. And so the guys adapt, learn to cook, eat, move. Of course, while flying, they demolish half of what is at the station. But we help, we do something for them. Even wash and have to explain to them, instead of 10-15 minutes they spend more. But I say, well done, try Everything is going according to plan, do not worry. I think everything will work out.

In Anton Shkaplerov’s voice, albeit distorted by long-distance interference, sounds the same confidence with which he manually docked the ship to the International Space Station. At that moment, filming aboard the Union had to be interrupted so as not to distract the commander.

– K. Ernst: It was really cool. Despite being terribly worried, we were so confident in Anton. Julia, Klim, what are you going to do with Julia’s hair?

– K. Shipenko: In some scenes we will leave this wonderful effect, which is impossible to achieve by removing weightlessness on Earth, so we use it and let the viewer see what happens to the hair of a woman who is weightless. And in some scenes, of course, Julia will put them in a ponytail. But even in the ponytail, of course, you can see that the hair is weightless, so it looks very spectacular. Let’s leave this entertainment and emphasize where necessary.

– D. Rogozin: I think that now many world stylists look at Julia and, probably, now this hairstyle will become fashionable. I don’t know how to make it on the ground, under gravity, but it looks peculiar, this is the first time I’ve seen it.

In this project in general a lot for the first time. And for good reason it is called scientific and educational. Millions of people have seen preparations for launch in more detail than ever before. And what else, if not the close attention of so many eyes, can raise the prestige of the profession of hundreds of people who, as a rule, remain behind the scenes. The world watched the work of engineers and technicians, and then the launch of the rocket from hitherto unthinkable angles. And the script of the movie “Challenge”, where one of the astronauts needs an urgent operation directly in orbit, is not only an exciting movie.

– D. Rogozin: In fact, this is a teaching to conduct a powerful medical intervention to save the lives of our astronauts. This will have a long-term effect. And I will also, if you don’t mind, express my gratitude to our NASA colleagues, because I see that, despite the coldness that was initially in the perception of this mission, they understand that this is a necessary thing for everyone.

The meeting with the American part of the ISS crew, by the way, was also excellent. The station lives as one organism, regardless of the country of origin of the astronauts. And how the magic of cinema brings them together is now known in orbit. Well, downstairs, of course, waiting to return. The film crew will stay in space until October 17.

Here on earth, after such a communication session, you involuntarily wonder whether the father of Russian television, Vladimir Zvorykin, could have dreamed of something like this. Who knows, but the fact remains – the TV tower in the autumn colors of the trees at the foot today and really resembles a rocket at launch.


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