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Are there any animals with Down syndrome?


On the Internet we can often come across pictures of animals with Down syndrome. In fact, their facial features have nothing to do with this diagnosis. But then what is it about?

Animals have a different chromosome set. Down syndrome is a genetic disease in which each human cell contains 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46. In animals, however, the chromosome composition is different from that of humans. Therefore, they may have congenital anomalies and mutations, but not Down syndrome, writes snatchnews.com. For example, the Kinney tiger was born with an unusual snout as a result of genetic inheritance. And Kitten Otto has a disease caused by either a genetic mutation or a hormonal imbalance.

And yet there are exceptions. Monkeys are the only ones who can suffer from Down syndrome. They usually have 48 chromosomes, but experts have identified in some copies in the 22nd pair, very similar to the copy in the 21st pair of chromosomes, which occurs in people with this syndrome. Scientists around the world have encountered only two chimpanzees in this condition. They suffer from growth defects, heart problems and other symptoms similar to Down syndrome.


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