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British collapse: Deficiency of an important metal hit English pies


The problem for pie makers stems from a shortage of foil boxes and persistent supply problems

No time for pies. The UK is on the brink of a bakery crisis, as foil shortages could affect bakeries.

“Britain is on the brink of a pie crisis due to the ‘perfect storm’ threatening bakeries.

The problem for pie makers stems from a shortage of foil boxes and persistent supply problems.

The rapid rise in aluminum prices has put Britain on the brink of a crisis with pies and pasta.

Aluminum prices have jumped 48% this year to a 13-year global peak amid strong demand, shipping difficulties and limited production in China.

The British Pies Association last night called on independent and state-owned pie makers to recycle their cans instead of throwing them away.

Big companies, including their favorite Pukka Pies, said they were doing their best not to “mislead customers.”

Pukka boss Isaac Fisher said:

“There is no doubt that there are big problems in the foil market. Demand during the pandemic, combined with labor shortages and inflation, created the perfect storm.

“As a producer of folk pies, we have priority number 1 – to continue to feed the nation. “We have taken certain steps to ensure a smooth supply of foil for our bakeries,” he said.

This foil is an integral part of the pastry baking process, as it acts as a barrier to protect the bottom and crust from toasting.

There are also fears that the production of Christmas sweets and pies may be affected as the country begins to prepare for Christmas.

China is the world’s largest producer of aluminum, but recent shipments of the metal have hit, and strong demand has brought world prices to 2,303 pounds per tonne.

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