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Bulgarian Covid-19 vaccine – neither vector nor RNA

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The immunologist Prof. Andrey Chorbanov from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences showed on September 3 the prototype of a Bulgarian vaccine against coronavirus infection.

If all goes well, the vaccine could be released soon, the professor told Nova TV. According to him, the Bulgarian vaccine is to be tested on humans, but the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences cannot do that. That is why a contractor is now being sought to test and possibly produce the vaccine. “It is possible that I hope soon we will have a Bulgarian product on the market in the form of a vaccine,” the immunologist commented.

Prof. Chorbanov said only that for now there is interest from companies outside Bulgaria and outside the EU – ready to invest. He specified only that one is from the Middle East and the other from the Far East. “If Bulgaria had decided to take advantage, we would have decided to give it to the country if a Bulgarian company produces them,” said Prof. Chorbanov.

The Ministry of Health did not answer whether our country and Bulbio could make such a commitment. According to Prof. Penka Petrova from Bulgarian Academy of Scienses, however, there is clearly no trust in the quality of this scientific product. According to her, even after testing the product, if successful, it can be expensive.

Ilian Manoilev from the team of scientists who developed the vaccine, explained that so far the longer scientific part has actually passed and the shorter but more significant part remains.

The vaccine is neither vector nor RNA. One option is to even inject instead of inject. “In the case of coronavirus, the infection enters through the respiratory tract. If we manage to prepare the airways, it will be very likely that the virus will not enter “, explained Manoilev.

The goal of the researchers is to make the vaccine universal and to work against other viruses.


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