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China imposes censorship on music

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China imposes censorship on music, it is impossible to sing about certain topics

China has published a banned list of topics that cannot be present in the songs that are listened and performed in the country.

The main threats described are related to national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity, damage to national honor, ethnic hatred, incitement to indecent behavior, gambling, violence and violations of state regulations on religion.

The regulation enters into force on 1 October.

Karaoke bars, popular in China, have already begun checking their playlists, reports CNN.

According to interim rules outlined by the country’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, karaoke must not endanger national unity, sovereignty or territorial integrity, incite ethnic hatred or undermine ethnic unity, promote cults or superstition or violate the state’s religious policies.

Songs must also not encourage obscenity, gambling, violence, drug-related activities or crime, nor should they insult or slander others, the ministry said.

The regulations will “promote socialist core values, and maintain national cultural security and ideological security,” according to the ministry.

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