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Clubs in England jumped against the Arab billions in Newcastle

They don’t want Saudi money at the club from the North of England

 One of the biggest deals in the history of English football is a fact after the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia bought the club Newcastle.

The fortune of this fund is estimated at a staggering $ 260 billion, and all the questions that arise are whether Newcastle will become the new super team on the international stage.

Magpies fans are clearly convinced, because minutes after the deal was announced, thousands filled the area around St. James’s Park Stadium to celebrate.

And these celebrations were like winning a championship. Crazy party and songs from the fans of the team, who are convinced that in the coming years hundreds of millions will be poured by the new owners.

The Magpies certainly believe they can become the new PSG or Manchester City. In addition, the joy of the fans was connected with the fact that the current owner Mike Ashley, whom they hated to put it mildly, is leaving the club after 14 years.

Of course, before these dream millions flow to the club, the “magpies” must first think about their current difficult situation, because Newcastle is penultimate in the Premier League with only three points, and until the winter will not be able to attract any new additions. .

Thus, it may turn out that the richest club in the world is already involved in a difficult battle for survival.

Clubs in England are, as expected, not very happy with what is happening in Newcastle and the entry of the Saudi Investment Fund.

The fortune of the fund is estimated at over $ 250 billion, which is more than that of all the owners of the 19 clubs in the Premier League combined.

Newcastle is expected to become the next super club following the example of Manchester City and PSG, and opponents of the “Magpies” have tried to hinder the deal.

The initiator of the protest is the owner of Tottenham – Daniel Levy. His leading allies are the bosses of Liverpool, Manchester United and Arsenal, and there is stated support from other teams in the league.

The leading question of the clubs is why none of them was informed about the development of the deal for the purchase of Newcastle, which already failed a year ago.

Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise, it became a fact, and the funds that the Saudis are willing to pour into the North of England are staggering.

The deal initially failed because there were doubts that the state of Saudi Arabia would actually control Newcastle. Apparently, in recent months, representatives in the background have managed to convince the leaders of the Premier League that the fund is distanced from the country itself, although it is managed by Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Complaints about the entry of Saudi money into football immediately flooded the heads of English football, because of all the criticism that the Arab country suffers for women’s rights.

Obviously, there is concern in England, because the possible millions that will flow to Newcastle will completely redistribute the balance of power in football on the Island. Despite inquiries and protests from the clubs, the Premier League has stated that the deal is already a fact and it is too late to stop it in any way.


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