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In 10 years Bulgaria has decreased by 590,000 people

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In 10 years the population of Bulgaria has decreased by 590,000 people. At the same time, the number of poor pensioners has increased by 128,000 and that of poor children by more than 17,000.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Social Affairs Ivan Krastev at a discussion on income, organized by the Solidarity Society and Friedrich Ebert Foundations, Bulgarian National Radio reports.

According to Krastev, the country does not have an adequate policy for social protection of the most vulnerable – pensioners and children.

Krastev added that for 10 years – from 2010 to 2020 the monthly allowances for raising a child have increased by only 5 levs.

It became clear at the forum that 1.6 million Bulgarians are below the poverty line, and nearly half a million people or 29% of those employed in the country have a minimum wage.

We register a very high percentage of those who refused to be counted, the National Statistical Institute announced, quoted by DarikNews.bg.

According to the NSI, the epidemic situation is the main reason why people refuse to be counted.

“There are not enough 600 enumerators in Sofia,” explained Sergei Tsvetarski, chairman of the NSI at a briefing. There is a similar problem in other big cities such as Plovdiv and Varna.

There is a very low percentage of enumerated persons in the districts of Sliven (63.8%) and Kardzhali (66.8%).

Tsvetarski reminded that there are 20 centers in the country, where National Statistical Institute (NSI) experts help people to count.

Regarding the unique code from the electronic census, Tsvetarski explained that it is not necessary for people to look for the enumerators, it is not necessary to go to a support center to leave the code.

National Statistical Institute: Over 70% of the population in our country has already been counted

“Data as of October 4 show that 2,771,000 were counted by enumerators and 2,404,000 were counted electronically, which makes a total of 5,176,000 enumerated. T. is 74.8% of the population is counted. This was reported by Magdalena Kostova, Director of the Demographic and Social Statistics Directorate at the NSI.

The census is going best in Northwestern Bulgaria, she added.

In the Pernik village of Yardzhilovtsi, a man threatened and fired a gas pistol at a teller who visited him at an address, Sergei Tsvetarski said, explaining that “the woman went to the address, identified herself from afar, but a shot was fired at her – in her words with a gas pistol, “Tsvetarski explained.

In the Stolipinovo district of Plovdiv (where lives the most compact group of Roma), the census was initially obstructed, but after the intervention of the police and mediators, the census is now going normally.

The counting is over. Today’s data are not yet summarized. As of yesterday, 82% of the population or 5.657 million people have been counted. We expect more people to be counted from yesterday until today. This was stated by Sergei Tsvetarski, director of the National Statistical Institute.

He said it was a low percentage, but it came about for a number of reasons.

“The population will be counted, albeit with additional information of an administrative nature,”

added Florist.

According to him, the real population should be less than 6.916 million, as the NSI reported as of December 31, 2020.

The Director of the NSI noted that this census was unique due to the combination of a number of negative factors and in the first place the hacker attack at the start of the process. It has repelled many people from the electronic census.

When asked if there will be fines, Tsvetarski answered in the affirmative, but they will not be citizens because they did not hand over the code. People who have deliberately obstructed the census will be fined, said the director of the NSI and added that they have a lot of signals for such cases.

Interim data NSI promises around Christmas.


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