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Lukashenko harvests corn at home

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At the end of September, the head of Belorussian state instructed to sow winter crops in a week and went to check the work, reports Sputnik.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has left for his homeland, a photo of the head of state in the field was published by the Telegram channel “Pool One” close to his press service.

The photo shows the president on a corn field. He gathers corn and bears fruit to someone.

“The reports of the ministers are being checked in the field. The President is at home,” reads the caption to the photos posted in the post.

At the end of September, the head of state instructed the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Krupko to ensure the sowing of winter crops within a week. Moreover, the Belarusian leader noted that, if possible, winter sowing should be carried out both in the evening and at night.

The head of state also instructed the Council of Ministers and the head of the Ministry of Agriculture to convene a meeting where officials and governors responsible for agriculture will have to report on the results of the work done.

Already in early October, he drew attention to the fact that work in the agro-industrial complex needs to be intensified and accelerate the pace of winter sowing, which has slowed down due to bad weather. He also reminded that first of all it is necessary to remove the remains of grain, remembering also rapeseed with corn.

Earlier, in early September, during a working trip to the Smolevichi district of the Minsk region, Alexander Lukashenko once again noted that it is necessary to strictly adhere to his strategy in the implementation of the potato crop: first provide for its population, fill storage facilities, and then export. “If the peasants have surpluses, the Belkoopsoyuz should be oriented now to buy it all out, to help sell it, so that the collective and state farms can buy and sell through the existing channels. Everyone needs potatoes this year, and the prices are good, ”he reminded.

Separately, the Head of State touched upon the supply of potatoes to Ukraine, where a significant part of the harvest was lost due to the drought. “We need to help Ukraine, since they had a drought. Maybe the President of Ukraine will also ask for seeds to help, ”the President said.

Alexander Lukashenko was shown various breeding varieties of potatoes bred by Belarusian scientists. As one of the advantages, an order of magnitude lower nitrate content than the maximum allowable norm was noted. “We also pay attention to this in our work,” confirmed Vadim Makhanko, Director General of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Potato and Fruit Growing.

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