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Meteorologists have warned the Netherlands


The Meteorological Institute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has warned that the sea level along the country’s coast could rise by two meters by 2100, according to the local internet portal DutchNews.nl.

Such a development, according to a report by meteorologists, is possible if the melting rate of glaciers at the South Pole accelerates. If this does not happen, but greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced, then sea levels will rise by 1.2 meters.

The institute also warned that in the summer there will be more frequent severe hurricanes and droughts in the Netherlands, and the water level in the rivers will decrease in the summer and increase in the winter.

In 2014, experts predicted that by 2100, sea levels would rise by a maximum of one meter.

The institute published this report less than a week before the annual UN climate conference, which begins on October 31 in Scotland.

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