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Scientists with a sensational discovery of how vegans can eat meat

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Air Protein intends to artificially create meat with the help of air, water and minerals, reports L’Official.

The development will be based on NASA research from the 1960s. The development involves the production of food with the help of microbial hydrogen trophies, which can convert carbon dioxide into food.

The company has changed the concept a bit. Specialists have used the ability of microorganisms to create a type of flour from the constituents of air. The whole process takes several hours and is somewhat similar to beer production.

It is noted that this product can not be called whole meat. Experts say it can be mixed with other ingredients.

This revolutionary source of protein will help in the production of vegan food. There are currently no plans for mass production.

What is the biggest fear of vegans?

More and more people are turning their backs on meat for one reason or another. And to meet the demands of the market, many fast food chains are forced to create their own vegan menus. The latest chain that has decided to delight those potential customers who do not eat meat is KFC. But instead of being welcomed with open arms, the vegan burger raised some doubts. Is this fake meat or … no?

When 19-year-old Keisha Clarius orders her new sandwich, she is puzzled – it tastes like the regular meat sandwich she tried before switching to a vegan diet. Keisha left it on the table, took a picture and posted it on the Facebook group of British vegans, which has 46,000 followers.

The girl wants to make sure she’s not eating real meat.

In fact, this is one of the big worries of many vegans – that they will be deceived. While meatless menus are enjoyed by many dieters, others live under constant paranoia. In 2018, Pizza Hut released its first vegan pizza, and a few months later McDonald’s unveiled its vegan Happy Meal. KFC’s vegetarian burger, like many others, is a substitute for fermented mushroom and potato protein.

“I am so worried when the taste of fake meat is so similar to the real thing that I think that one day it will come out on the news that we have been deceived and have been eating real meat all this time,” one user wrote in a comment. In February, another user also uploaded a photo of a breakfast that must have a vegan sausage inside. “I had to stop eating. Please tell me I’m safe. “

To make sure they are not deceived, vegans have even devised their own tricks for recognizing real and fake meat. One of them involves letting your cat smell the product. If she turns disgusted, then you are safe.

Yet, cases where vegans have been deceived are not just a conspiracy theory. A Michelin-starred restaurant was discovered in June for using real chicken cubes in vegan dishes, and in April a child with a lactose allergy was hospitalized after a vegan pizza his parents ordered arrived covered. with real yellow cheese.

Clarius published his burger from KFC, because he also heard about a similar case – a woman orders a pizza, and she arrives not with a vegan, but with a real salami. After the group’s users explain to her that there is only a substitute in it and no real meat, Keisha finishes her lunch. “I hope the restaurants will not be able to afford vegan meat,” she concluded.

Recall that two radical vegan activists in April 2019 were sentenced to six and ten months in prison for a series of attacks on meat shops in Lille, France, reports BFM TV.

After their release, a three-year probation period awaits them. Two other people were convicted along with them, but they received a suspended sentence of six months. The three women and a man between the ages of 23 and 39 attacked meat shops, restaurants and leather clothing stores. They broke windows, painted political slogans with paint and even set fire to buildings. The total amount of damage from the actions of the activists is about 15 thousand euros.

Police were able to track down and detain the vandals, although they organized their actions only at night and hid their faces.

As the publication notes, the activists led a life atypical for such violators. None of them have committed crimes before, the four have worked and are socially successful people.

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