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Snapchat is the biggest winner of Facebook’s crash


Snapchat’s consumption rose by more than 20% after Facebook’s services stopped working for six hours on Monday. It is also the biggest winner among competing applications during the worst crash for the American giant in years, writes Bloomberg.

Facebook has blamed network configuration issues for the company’s app crash, from Messenger to Instagram. However, what happened directed part of all 2.7 billion daily active Facebook users to the competition.

Snap recorded a 23% increase in the time spent in its Android application compared to the same day last week, according to data from Sensor Tower, shared with Bloomberg News. The crisis of Facebook also led to greater activity in applications from Telegram and Signal to Twitter and TikTok on October 4, the company added.

The service problem has affected small businesses and given new weapons to critics and authorities, who say the company has grown into a huge monopoly that needs to be reduced.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov said its app added 70 million users and reached a new peak of registrations and activity on Monday. It climbed to the top of the list of most downloaded applications in the App Store in 40 markets, while Signal was number one in Poland and in the top 10 in 35 markets, adds Sensor Tower.

Alternatives like Telegram, which has almost the same interface and functionality as WhatsApp, have previously added millions of users every time the world’s most popular chat service crashed, although many quickly returned to the Facebook app after his work was restored.

“We’ve spent the last 24 hours thinking about how we can protect our systems from this kind of crash,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told staff. “The big concern in such a crash is not how many people are turning to competitive services or how much money we are losing, but what that means for people who rely on our services,” he said.

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