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The Royal Mint of Britain will extract gold from used mobile phones


The UK’s Mint coin is trying to extract gold from components of used mobile phones, televisions and laptops, used. This is part of the policy of the Mint for the protection of the surrounding world.

The refinement of this process will give the opportunity to extract other metals, incl. palladium, silver and coper are considered by the Mint.

According to the annual financial report – from April 2019 to March 2020, The Royal Mint Limited, issued 588 million coins for the period. With revenues for this period amounting to 568.5 million pounds (783.9 million dollars), the losses amount to 200 thousand pounds (275 thousand dollars).

The government of the United Kingdom has minted coins dedicated to the exit of the country from the European Union for the third time. The then Minister of Finance, Philip Hammond, planned to issue 50 pennies in circulation, to mark the 29th of March, the date on which the coin was issued. When the release was delayed, his successor minted about a million coins on October 31. On the other hand, the coins had to be melted down, when Brexit was postponed again.


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