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The worst jobs in history

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See just some of the most horrible things people have done

Some people are born into wealthy families and are insured for life. Unfortunately, everyone else has to go to work.

And while some of us are lucky enough to do what we love, others do something we don’t particularly like.

The worst jobs today cannot be compared to the horrible jobs that people have been forced to work in the past.

Leech collector

In the 19th century, doctors used a technique called “bleeding” to treat diseases. This involved taking blood from the patient, often practiced by leeches. Because leeches were difficult to find, the activity was carried out by gatherers, who often lured leeches with their own feet.

Bone finder

In Victorian England, bones were considered a useful and valuable material, and were used to make personal items such as necklaces. Then there was the profession of “Bone Finder”, which involved going around all sorts of places in search of material that could be sold to bone dealers.

Rat hunter

Until the 19th century, rats were considered the main spreaders of disease, and so professional rodent hunters emerged. Their job involved covering themselves with oils that attracted rats, then killing them with their bare hands. Dogs have sometimes been used to catch rodents.

Manufacturer of violin strings

In the past, violin production took place in a very different way than it does today. In the past, violin strings were made by weaving threads from the insides of a sheep. After the revolution in the 17th century, this practice changed, although even today there are musicians who prefer their strings to be produced by the old method.

First assistant

For centuries, it was unthinkable for a monarch to visit the bathroom alone. A happy aristocrat had the duty to accompany the king or queen to the bathroom, where she would assist him with all the necessary needs there.

Vomiting collector

The Romans were known for their gluttony during their “parties”. After overeating to make more room for more food, they vomited and called their collector to empty and clean their bucket.


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