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Tourists in France with a green certificate at least until July 2022.


The requirement was to be valid until November 15.

French citizens and foreigners visiting the country will have to present a green certificate to enter a restaurant, bar, mall, plane, hospital and others at least until July 2022, the French authorities have decided.

The decision has already been approved by the French parliament, and will be approved by the Senate next week.

The requirement for a green certificate was introduced in France in August, when it was announced that it would be valid until 15 November, unless an extension was needed.

From then on, all Frenchmen and visitors must have a vaccination certificate, proof of illness or a recent test in order to be admitted to certain places and activities indoors.

Although it does not matter whether a person shows a negative COVID-19 test or a vaccination certificate, French President Emmanuel Macron has called for everyone to be vaccinated because it is the cheaper option instead of taking tests every few days.


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