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Vaccine War: Why France Calls on Europe to Ditch Sputnik

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

According to experts, French Foreign Minister Clement Beaune is trying to win back the failure to create his own drug. At stake are multibillion-dollar contracts.

French Foreign Minister Clement Beaune urged the countries of the European Union not to recognize Russian and Chinese vaccines against coronavirus. “Be careful, say no to these vaccines,” the minister demanded from his colleagues. One of the versions, for which the official took up activities unusual for his post, may be lobbying for other vaccines, political analyst Marat Bashirov believes.

– It is difficult to say who exactly is the client of Clement Beaune – “Pfizer”, “Astrazenec” or “Modern”, but the fact remains that France has not released its vaccine. This means that there is a promotion of the interests of some pharmaceutical companies that sell the vaccine already on the spot. At the same time, what is more interesting, if we are talking about mutual recognition with the EU authorities, then there is a movement in the opposite direction, – the expert noted.

– The main argument against our vaccine is only that it is produced in Russia. In fact, this is a recognition by the French Foreign Ministry of defeat in the race for the production of life-saving drugs. The fifth republic, after all, was unable to bring its product to the market, despite the fact that it is considered the leading biotechnological power in the world. So they get angry, this is a reaction to a loss, – said political analyst Alexei Martynov. – And, of course, an article in the British journal Nature on the effectiveness and safety of our Sputnik V vaccine has become an information bomb in the Western scientific media space. If scientists say that a vaccine is underestimated, then it is in vain to avoid it, and this, in turn, means that it can begin to be used to help the poor countries of the world. And this, you see, is already multibillion-dollar revenues from third world countries, which will be received at the expense of international organizations.

According to the expert, Western politicians are worried about budgets more than people’s health. At the same time, it is worth noting that in the recognition or non-recognition of drugs, the question of the origin of the virus dominates, says the deputy of the State Duma Yevgeny Fedorov.

– There are two options. The first, as the Security Council of the Russian Federation warned us, this epidemic is provoked by an artificially created virus, that is, a biological weapon. This means that a vaccine is the same weapon as an air defense system, everyone should have their own. In this situation, it is clear that NATO countries will act as a front against our vaccine, if only because its development is not controlled by them, – said the State Duma deputy. – The second option, if the virus is of natural origin, then the fight against it will take place in the sphere of politics – using the European Foreign Ministries.

He believes that in such a situation everything is decided through consolidation, the alignment of forces in the information space. For example, you can see how anti-vaccination agents are actively working in our country, perhaps their activity is “encouraged” from abroad. As a result, about 20% of the population has taken root in Russia, and more than 50% in France. The conclusion is obvious: the Russian vaccine is bad, you don’t need it. This will be an argument for other disputes, the usual competition of nations, the main process in the life of mankind.

Recall that the Russian Sputnik V vaccine became the first registered vaccine against the CoViD-19 coronavirus. Already 67 countries have recognized this vaccine as acceptable for use, including a number of EU countries.

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