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Wild boars attacked Shakira, took her bag

“They took my bag to the forest with my mobile phone in it. They destroyed everything,” said the singer.

Singer Shakira said she was accidentally attacked by a pair of wild boars while walking in a park in Barcelona with her eight-year-old son, the BBC reported.

The Colombian singer said that the animals attacked her before taking her bag and retreating with her into the woods.

She told about this strange incident in a series of stories on Instagram.

Showing the torn bag to the camera, Shakira said, “Look at how two wild boars that attacked me in the park left my bag.”

“They took my bag to the forest with my mobile phone in it. They destroyed everything,” the singer said.

He then turns to his son, whose father is Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique, and says: “Milan, tell the truth. Tell me how your mother faced the wild boar.”

Shakira is the latest victim of the increasingly aggressive pigs that have invaded Barcelona in recent years.

In 2016, Spanish police received 1,187 phone calls about wild boars that attacked dogs, snatched cat feeders, detained traffic and crashed into cars in the city.

Boars, which can transmit a wide variety of diseases, are included in the list of the most invasive species in the world and can survive in almost any environment. More and more animals are attracted to the cities where they live from the garbage dumped by humans.

Their numbers have risen across Europe, with the latest estimates now that they exceed 10 million across the continent.


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