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Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies in Parliament on 8 November


You Tube video screenshot of the programme “60 minutes”

News | European Parliament

MEPs will discuss with Ms Haugen, the former Facebook IT specialist, the negative impact on users of big tech companies’ products and business models, and how EU digital rules can address these issues.

The hearing is organised Monday, 8 November 2021, from 16.45 to 19.30 by the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee, in association with other committees: the Industry, Legal Affairs, Civil Liberties, and the special committees on Disinformation and Artificial Intelligence.

Online safety, the transparency of algorithms, and risk mitigation in relation to the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA) will be among the issues addressed at the hearing. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee is currently discussing how the Digital Services Act (DSA) proposal, presented by the European Commission in December 2020, should be amended and improved. This draft law aims to create a safer digital space in which users rights are protected, including rules to tackle illegal content online, enhance the accountability and transparency of algorithms, and dealing with content moderation and targeted advertising.

Ms Haugen’s presentation will feed into the work of the committee on the DSA, ahead of the vote (date to be decided soon). This legislation is Europe’s chance to shape the digital economy at the EU level as well as to become a global standard-setter on digital regulation.

Live streaming on Parliament’s Multimedia Centre and on Europe by Satellite (EbS)

, https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20211028IPR16121/

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