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3 Soviet items, the cost of which only grows every year


Do you know that you may have a hidden good income? If, of course, you have Soviet things at home.

Today, you can earn very good money for them. Collectors and retro lovers will not be stingy, explains Pavel Gospodarik from belnovosti.by.

Next, we bring to your attention three items from the era of the USSR, the cost of which increases annually.

1. Crystal glassware

Everyone knows that for the Soviet family, crystal was something akin to the material equivalent of well-being.

Such dishes were obtained by the hostesses (and it was not cheap in those days, and it was difficult to acquire), as a rule, only on especially solemn occasions with the arrival of guests.

Today, crystal glasses, vases, decanters, salad bowls, having gone through a period of depreciation after the collapse of the USSR, are again rising in price.

Especially abroad – there this process is due to the interest of collectors in Soviet dishes.

2. Christmas toys

Another very serious interest of buyers of items from the era of the USSR is New Year’s toys.

Well, what New Year could be without them? And today they also have a very real market weight.

Especially New Year’s toys made in the 50s of the twentieth century. If you have one, you can sell them for a higher price.

3. Figurines

Soviet figurines made of bronze, porcelain, cast iron, and brass are in special demand among lovers of antiques today.

They are ready to pay for them. In particular, you can sell caskets, figurines, candlesticks and other such items from the times of the USSR.


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