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A unique golden bible found. Which queen is it?


Lancaster nurse Buffy Bailey discovered a miniature golden Bible with the help of a metal detector along with her husband Ian near York.

The security may have once been owned by a royal family.

The 600-year-old Bible, just 1.5 inches long, could cost more than £ 100,000, Bailey said.

An expert called it a unique artifact that was probably owned by a very rich man.

“I dug about 13 cm and found a gold object. At the time, I didn’t think it was that special.

I realized this only after I carefully cleaned it from the dirt. A heavy and shiny object, incredibly beautiful and probably golden, I thought.

The miniature Bible weighs only 5 grams and is made of 22 or 24 carat gold.

It is believed to date from the 15th century.

On it are carved figures of St. Leonard and St. Margarita, patroness of childbirth, and it was probably used as an object to protect the mistress during pregnancy and childbirth.

It was found not far from a property that once belonged to Richard III (1483-1485), and experts suggest it may have been owned by his relatives or his wife, Anne Neville.

They compare it to Middleham Jewel, a gold sapphire medallion found in Middleham Castle, about 64 km away, also owned by Richard III and the Neville family. This is a gold necklace from the end of the 15th century, also discovered by a metal detector near the castle in 1985.

“Anyone who ordered such a miniature golden Bible must have been incredibly rich,” Bailey said. “So far there is nothing like the world.”

The Yorkshire Museum evaluates such items before the auctioneer sets the price, after which the museum decides whether to buy them. In 1992, the museum paid £ 2.5 million to buy Middleham Jewel.

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