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An anti-wax sermon by the bishop of Giurgiu led to an investigation against him


The District Police Directorate in Giurgiu, Romania, has launched an investigation against Giurgiu’s Bishop Ambrose. The investigation was provoked due to “abuse of office and dissemination of false information.”

The reason for the actions of the police is a sermon after the liturgy on October 14, the feast of St. Petka, in which Bishop Ambrose stated that the vaccines in the country have expired and recommended that people not be vaccinated. “Do not be afraid of covid and do not rush to get vaccinated. Let all MPs, ministers and politicians be vaccinated first, and if any of these vaccines remain, which have already expired, then get vaccinated,” he said.

The bishop accused public hospitals of “fake” fire news in order to redirect patients to private hospitals. “How is it possible for it to happen in Bucharest, in Iasi, and in Constanta! Are there no smoke detectors in these hospitals, are there no night guards?”

However, according to others, the reason for the actions of the police against him is not the statement about the vaccines, but the harsh words against the government, which are pushing the country to an unprecedented crisis in the conditions of rising fuel and electricity prices.

One week ago, the Archbishop of Tomy (Constanţa) Theodosius commented critically on the state vaccination policy. He told Radio Dobrudja: “You have every right to choose, you should not be obliged to get vaccinated. It is not constitutional, it is not legal! You are protected by the Constitution of the country and even by the European Constitution, by European laws. laws also do not oblige us to get vaccinated. “

Romanian Patriarch Daniel reacted sharply to these events. In a public statement, he noted: “We would like to inform you that recently, especially during the growing pandemic, some clergy have spoken publicly on issues of national interest with opinions for or against vaccination, thus violating legal regulations and synodal decisions. In addition. some bishops have publicly expressed their personal views one-sidedly, without any consultation with their metropolitan or patriarch.Recently, His Eminence Bishop Giurgiu Ambrose, who used the post-Holy Liturgy sermon to fiercely criticize the president in public of Romania. “” Such uncoordinated positions provoked reactions in the press, which damaged the authority of the Church and led to requests and complaints of citizens registered in the office of St. Synod, “said Patriarch Daniel.

Meanwhile, more and more people in Romania are deciding to get vaccinated. They vary between 80 and 100 thousand people a day.


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