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Emmanuel Macron announced a date for an agreement between Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia


French President Emmanuel Macron has sent a telegram to French ambassadors to Europe, Figaro said.

There, he announced his intentions to start European talks with Albania and northern Macedonia. This should happen by the end of the year.

Two main dates have been set. One is the fourteenth of December.

Until then, an agreement must be found on the Macedonian talks. Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia are expected to resolve the contentious issues in the bilateral dialogue.

The second date is December 31. Then the real accession negotiations must begin.

The annual European meeting is scheduled for December 14th. With a real agreement, European countries can start negotiations.

French President Emmanuel Macron has launched his campaign for a second term, Figaro said. This happened in a televised address. Macron has announced plans to run for a new term. Clearly, resolving the contentious obstacles to bilateral dialogue are an important part of its international priorities.

Experts say his words are not an official confirmation of participation in the vote. However, the campaign begins.

It is clear that he will run for a new term. Macron remains the favorite to win the vote.

Many of the leading groups nominated their candidates. It is clear that Marin Le Pen will run again.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo won the Social Democrat nomination after a primary vote.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, quoted by New Macedonia, announced that the elections in Bulgaria will be decisive for Albania and Northern Macedonia.

Today, he met with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. He announced that Albania has made the necessary progress.

In reality, the country deserves the start of European negotiations. First, however, a solution must be found to the issue between the Bulgarian and Macedonian governments.

Rutte also spoke with Macedonian Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. He is currently visiting Northern Macedonia.

The Netherlands will continue to support the country’s European future. Talks on various topics are forthcoming.

The Dutch Prime Minister announced that he hopes that the elections in Bulgaria will lead to a solution to the issue with the Balkan countries.


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