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French couple received compensation for “wind farm syndrome”


A French couple who lived near a wind farm won a court case and received large damages after the court found they had health problems. The problems, according to the judge, were caused by the “wind farm syndrome.”

“Wind farm syndrome” is an unrecognized disease. Many scientists agree that it has a purely psychological basis. However, a couple from France received compensation due to health problems caused by the operation of electric generators near their home.

According to The Guardian, Christelle and Luc Fokert received compensation in the amount of € 128,000 after the Toulouse Court of Appeal ruled that wind turbines installed near their home in southern France were associated with the head pain, dizziness, fatigue, tinnitus and other health problems.

Six wind turbines, located 700 meters from the couple’s house, were installed in 2008. However, they reportedly began to experience health problems five years later, after the nearby forest was cleared. The removal of the forest caused them to feel the noise of the turbines, and the flashing lights of the generators made “the impression that they were in constant anxiety.”

“It was a truly terrifying visual and auditory attack that was especially unbearable at night,” they said.

Most scientists consider “wind farm syndrome” to be entirely psychological, triggered by media and social media panics. Most scientific reviews and studies have found no evidence that wind turbines can cause health problems in humans.


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