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Hundreds have been stung by frightened scorpions after torrential rains in Egypt


Heavy rains and floods in a southern Egyptian province have claimed the lives of three people and more than 500 are in hospital after scorpion stings, state media reported, the Associated Press reported.

Torrents, hail and thunderstorms in the southern Egyptian province of Aswan over the two weekends claimed the lives of three people and forced local authorities to cancel classes today, Governor Ashraf Atia said.

The storms took scorpions out of their hiding places in many houses in the countryside, Atia said. He said at least 50 stings had been hospitalized but were quickly discharged after being given the antidote.

Health Minister Khalid Abdel-Gafar said no people had died after being bitten by a scorpion.

Photos and videos on social media showed flooded streets and damaged houses, vehicles and farms.


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